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I magine if you could discover simple, unique insights to improve your career, and see an instant impact in your daily life. In this article I will give my key experiences and life changing insights through questions received during my month as a CEO.

Ready to discover them? Come along with me!

All great stories always start with that one capital moment!

It’s funny because in my story it is also the case. I wrote my motivation letter two days before the deadline of the CEO for One Month program, after receiving a reminder mail. The amazing part of this moment is the answer on the following questions: What if I didn’t read my mails that night? Would I have ever become the CEO for One Month?

If you ever asked yourself a similar question, I will make you happy. My unique adventure gave me the possibility to find answers applicable for every type of great story.

Actually it is quite simple. Don’t try to find the answers to these questions. Things in life don’t happen by coincidence. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, dreaming, sacrifice and most of all, love what you are doing. If you apply this way of life you will create your own successful environment in which the sky isn’t the limit!

“I discovered a CEO life that was completely different from my expectations!”

The highest recurring question during my month was how the life of a CEO looks like. I gave everybody the same short answer.






Combine the life of an Olympic sport athlete with the life of a passionate businessman, in other words very intensive and at the same time very interesting!

To make it easier to understand you could compare it with your own life. Constantly make choices and have the responsibility of the people surrounding you. Increase the complexity, the amount, the speed, the impact and you start to get a glimpse of the life of a CEO. The most important part of the job is being an exceptional facilitator that is accountable for his company.

“I learnt more in One Month than during my whole studies”

Why? The answer is simple. Currently the focus of universities are hard skills. However, after talking to a lot of company leaders during my month, one thing is clear. They all pointed out the need for soft skills. Does this focus in education need to be changed? Is this the reason for the current skills gap? After my month, I wondered which of the two different skill sets I improved and used the most. One second was enough for me to realize that soft skills are the answer. They are the key to becoming a real leader.

Big changes are coming up in this domain with dual learning as front player. Dual learning tries to combine both skill sets bringing forth more useful candidates for the job market. It is important universities open their focus to a broader skill set. This to overcome the typical story of students studying 5 years to then be retrained afterwards during a year by the company. Wouldn’t university be able to reach more closely the need of the companies by renewal and expansion of their overall vision?

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Talking, listening, thinking, reading and exploring during my month helped me to discover 5 essential life changing insights to become a future leader as millennial! I want to encourage everybody to go on adventure to find out where you truly belong. This adventure helped me to find my path!

  1. Doing business is spending 15% of your time at networking
  2. Always keep the goals of your adventure in mind. By doing so you will take the right decisions that will lead you to success.
  3. In the era of change adaptability will create amazing opportunities.
  4. To turn ideas into reality, only one solution is possible: Action & Execution!
  5. Improve your soft skills by exploring new horizons. It will broaden your vision of life which improves these skills.

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